Charlton 8600B Fly Reel - LHW

For sale here is a Charlton 8600B fly reel. This is THE HOLY GRAIL of Bluewater reels. Extremely scarce.

Here's what the Charlton catalog ran for their ad:

The Ultimate Offshore Reel

Only a handful of models qualify as legitimate offshore fly fishing reels engineered to withstand the rigors of severe bluewater fly fishing. The Charlton 8600B is among the very best.

Completely sealed carbon fiber disc drag (same brake system as an Formula One race car).

Type III anodization for exceptional saltwater protection.

Complete enclosure of all mechanical components to protect against corrosion and contamination.

One lifetime.  One reel.

Diameter:  4.75"

Spool Width:  1.20"

Weight: 16 oz.

Left hand retrieve only.

Condition: Unused

Comes with original cordura pouch.

This reel comes from the estate of Dr. Paul Hermann. You can find some of Dr. Hermann's reels for sale here.