Carpenter, Walt -- 7'6 4-5wt Graphite-Boron Rod

For sale here is a Walt Carpenter 7'6" 4-5wt graphite-boron rod. 2 piece. The rod is in excellent condition with limited signs of use. Sanded blank, rust colored wraps. Bright guides. Ring hook-keeper. "W.E. Carpenter maker" "Graphite-Boron #7645" written on rod in gold lettering. Classic cigar-style grip with ever so slight ridging. Nickel-silver cap and ring reel seat with a fine burled walnut spacer. The spacer shows some marks from reel foot. The rod features spigot ferrules that help to more efficiently transfer energy through the rod. Ferrules are in perfect condition absent of cracks or other defects. Ferrules seat fully with a 1/4" gap to allow for wearing over time. Rod weighs 2 1/8 oz. Medium-fast action that is quite nice. Comes with original bag and tube with label intact.