Carlson, Sam - Carlson Four Bamboo Rod - 7'6 2/2 3-4wt

For sale here is a Sam Carlson "Carlson Four" bamboo rod in excellent plus original condition. Considered the holy grail by many cane rod enthusiasts, this Carlson quad is exceptionally scarce due to its light line character, casting a three weight as well if not better than a four weight line. Sam only made approximately 300 rods in his lifetime, very few of which are considered 3-4 weight rods. The rod only weighs 3 1/2 oz. It has a very pleasant medium action.

Inked on the cane flats is the following:
758-4752 (the serial number)
Made by C.W. "Sam" Carlson
Carlson "Four"
Paul Uhlan (the original owner of the rod)
C3 947

758 is inked onto each tip as well.