Bradford, John -- "Golden Trout" 8'6 4/5wt Graphite Fly Rod

For sale here is a John Bradford "Golden Trout" 8'6" 4/5wt 2 pc. graphite rod. The rod is in excellent condition with minor signs of honest use. Built in September of 1982, Serial #1062. Golden amber colored wraps with black and gold tipping. Spiral signature wrap of the same color pattern. Cigar/western style grip is in good shape with light soiling. Bright silver guides and hook-keeper. Spigot ferrules for better transfer of motion and energy. Ferrule fit is good and tight. The rod has a medium-fast action as far as graphite rods go that is quite nice. Nickel silver down-locking reel seat with a fine wood spacer. "J.A. Bradford Co. -Maker -" engraved on the butt cap. The rod weighs 3.30 oz. Comes with original yellow J.A. Bradford rod bag and aluminum tube with a very fine leather cover. 

This is a perfect rod for the Bradford fan or for someone who's looking to fish something different from the crowd.