Want to Buy List

Credit: Georg Miciu Nicolaevici

If you or someone you know is looking to SELL any of the items below, please contact us as we may be interested in purchasing it directly or brokering a sale for you. Most of these items are direct requests from our customers.

API Spring Creek
ATH Turbo
ATH Rainbow Phillipsbraun
ATH prototypes
Backwinder Trout II
Bogdan Large Trout - All Black
Bogdan Large Steelhead mint
Bogdan 0 RHW mint
Bogdan 1LG mint
Bogdan 2LG mint LHW
Bogdan 2LG RHW
Bogdan 150 LHW used
Bogdan 150 LHW
Bogdan 200 LHW used
Bogdan 300 LHW mint or near
Bogdan 400 RHW used
Bogdan 400 LHW mint
Charlton Reels/Spools
Dormisch Absi
Hardy Bougle - original
Hardy Bougle MKV 4"
Hardy Cascapedia - original
Hardy LRH Lightweight LHW leaded or silver finish
Hardy Perfect Wide Drum - any size
Hardy Perfect 2 7/8" LHW
Hardy Perfect 1896 3" 3 1/4" 4 1/2"
Hardy Perfect 3 7/8" Brass Face 
Hardy Perfect pre-WWII LHW
Hardy St. George / St. George Jr. pre-WWII LHW
Hardy St. George Jr. LHW
Paul Hermann Large Trout
Joe Janciuras - any model
Kineya - any model
Saracione #10 Islamorada
Saracione #12 Islamorada
Edward Vom Hofe Fly Reels - any size or model
Edward Vom Hofe Model 355 Peerless size 1/0
Edward Vom Hofe Model 360 Perfection size 3 1/2, 4, and 5
Edward Vom Hofe Model 403/413 Cascapedia size 2/0, 3/0, and 5/0

Walker Salmon Model 100 1/0
Walker Salmon Model 200 any size

Tim Bedford
Per Brandin
Dan Brenan
Mark Canfield
Hoagy Carmichael
Ken Crocker
Everett Garrison
Pinky Gillum
Leon Hanson
Jack Howell
Marty Karstetter
Tom Morgan Favorite - glass or graphite
Payne 102
EC Powell / Maslan / Yerxa 8'- 8'6 4-5wts 
FE Thomas Mahogany
FE Thomas Special Streamer
Mario Wojnicki bamboo or fiberglass
Paul H. Young w/ Paul's writing - any model
PHY Driggs or Perfectionist Summers-era dark cane

Rod or tackle company catalogs - US or England makers/retailers (pre-WWII)
EC Powell ephemera / paraphernalia
Salish native fishing creels
Paul H. Young rod tubes or bags