"Just received the merchandise from my first transaction with Gary. I quickly learned his reputation plus the high recommendation from a friend are well founded. He is honest, fair and what I can only call a straight shooter and good guy. I will always keep on top of his web site and won't hesitate to do business with him again should I spot another one of those items I can't live without :-) - George R. Kawchak Jr.

"Having spent a small fortune in the last 4-5 years on quality fly tackle, I’ve managed to meet and deal with a handsome number of dealers and makers. I’ve participated in auctions and attended some terrific tackle events. Gary and VFT have been the best of the lot. Whether in person, via phone or email, Gary is knowledgeable, professional, prompt and all the while patient. I’ve bought and sold with Gary for some time and will continue to do so with great results. The website is the best in the industry with a stellar and dynamic inventory. The photography is unmatched. Gary is a wise risk taker too. He handed a $6k PHY to a perfect stranger who walked up and said ‘hello’ at a crowded event. He treated me like a trusted friend from the start. Thank you!" - Doug Tierney

"I am very glad to see what you're doing with your new website. In many ways a very big breath of fresh air in the classic tackle world. Best of luck with this welcome new option for sellers, makers and buyers."  - Dr. Paul Hermann

"I spent considerable time looking for a person I could trust in both the buying and selling of quality tackle.  Now, having both purchased and consigned with Gary, I can say without reservation that he is the absolute Gold Standard for integrity, fairness, and trustworthiness in all aspects of his work.  I can recommend Gary without hesitation or reservation."  - Jon Lund

"I have consigned tackle to Gary and have been extremely pleased with the results.  He's a trusted seller and has a long list of good customers, so my tackle has been exposed to a great bunch of potential buyers.  He is everything you want in a dealer - honest, reliable, fair, prompt and efficient - and he does his homework, so your tackle will be priced well."  - Anonymous

"My dealings with Gary, as both a buyer and consignor, have been first rate. His knowledge of vintage tackle and what the market will bear, his energy for getting things done, his insistence on fair practices in describing products, in pricing and in setting his commission are just examples of how he handles his affairs. Add to these attributes his ability to utilize technology, his extensive business background and certainly his engaging personality, and you have what I have consistently experienced as an efficient operation that is most pleasant to deal with."  - Wes Nelson

"Gary approached me several months ago about helping me sell some of my rods. I agreed to send him some rods and since then it's been a good experience.  He does great photo work, prices are fair, his commission is fair and he's quick to get out the check. Look forward to working with him more on selling my rods I no longer need. I don't have much experience with dealers, so this has helped me to move some of my rods. Gary is quick to get back to you via email or phone."  - Dave Bates

"I still wouldn't buy a used car from the guy, on accounta he likely camped in it while living on beans'n'beer, but I'd deal fly-tackle with Gary again quicker'n a no-mind Lab can lick its ... nose."  - Kerrigan Almey

"Gary at Vintage Fly Tackle is hands down my go to guy for difficult to find vintage reels and tackle of all kinds within my budget, period. He not only conducts business in a completely up-front, informed and honest manner, he also has embraced modern technology as is evidenced by his website, clear photographs and his ability to quickly respond to any email questions I have ever swung his way (rarely more than a couple of hours). Hell, I even think he responds to emails while he is out on the water (unconfirmed)! I have never hesitated to send anglers or any of my clients his way, knowing that they will be dealt with in the most professional manner possible and they will always know exactly what they are getting from Gary.  - J.M. Reid Bamboo Fly Rods, North Vancouver, BC

"Casting about for someone to represent my fly reels online, I came across Gary's emergent site, Vintage Fly Tackle. Straightforward and honest, well informed and positive, he is more a friend than a dealer. It makes me proud to be on his roster of contemporary rod and reel makers.  - Fred Balling, The Perfection Fly Reel Company

"I just wanted to say thanks to Gary at Vintage Fly Tackle for an outstanding and honest buying experience. I recently purchased a very clean Beaudex Reel that will look nice on my Dickerson Taper. His website is easy to browse and all items are well-photographed. If you're looking for that special piece for your collection, this is the place to go! Thanks for giving us something fresh and new on the web. A job well done!"  - Richard Essegian

"Thanks so much for the JW Young reel. It is in wonderful condition. It's my favorite of the collection. Also, thank you for your wonderful service and the integrity with which you do business. You have the best vintage reels available.  - Craig DeRosa

"I have purchased gear from Gary with pleasure.  I have also contacted Gary directly to inquire about purchasing high-end gear from other sellers and Gary responded almost immediately with several very informative emails.  As I'm living and working overseas, it's gentlemen like Gary that make me miss the cold trout streams back home even more!   A real professional."  - Sean Richard Martin