Return / Refund Policy
All items come with a 3 day inspection/return clause from the time of delivery. You must contact us within 72 hours of receiving the item in order to qualify for a refund. Once we receive the item back from you in the same condition as when it was delivered to you, we will refund your money. If we ship the item to you via USPS Express Mail with full insurance, all return shipments must via be the exact same shipper, method and insured value in order to qualify for a refund (same with FedEx). Return shipping and insurance cost will always be the responsibility of the buyer. Under no circumstance can an item be returned for a refund after having been used by the buyer. The most important thing to remember here is any item must be in the exact same condition as it was shipped to you. Repacking should be done with the same box and packing methods and materials in which the item was shipped to you. In the event of an item being damaged during shipment, the buyer must retain all packing materials because he or she may be asked to present the items and packaging to their local post office or courier for inspection as part of the insurance claim process. If buyer does not follow this policy, a refund will not be granted. For reels and other tackle, we would expect 99% of the reasons for return will be an honest mistake on our part that is condition-related or not disclosing a defect in the item. Issues such as the reel being too heavy or the reel foot being too long should be addressed before paying for the item please. For rods, many understandably want to "lawn cast" the rod to make sure it fits with their casting style and/or expectations of a particular taper or maker. Lawn casting is fine under controlled conditions, but this "try-out" mentality is not okay for higher-end rods, especially the unused and/or very scarce models. For returns based on a reason other than a mistake made by us in describing the item, we reserve the right to charge a re-stocking fee of 10%. Of course, if you want to return the rod, it needs to be in the exact same condition as when it was shipped to you. Things such as new dirt on the grip, new varnish scratches, water marks, sets in the tip from a lawn casting session, loose ferrules from casting, guides having come loose from their wraps or frayed wraps, reel seat marks on the rod hardware or vice versa, etc. need to be carefully taken into consideration. If it's a rod in mint condition, we would suggest a waggle and nothing else, since putting a reel on the rod alone can take it from mint to near mint by a simple mark on the reel seat hardware. If you put a rod together for a waggle and the ferrule wraps fail when you try and disassemble the rod, we are not liable and a refund will not be granted. If you know upfront that you are going to put it to the test on the lawn, please let us know before we ship the rod so we can talk about expectations. Most of this policy should be common sense to 99% of you, but some take advantage of return policies in an attempt to measure tapers on rods, are hard on equipment in general, and some even attempt to exchange out screws in reels, for example. Yes, it happens.

Form of Payment
Cash, check, bank checks, bank transfers, Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, or American Express are gladly accepted for most items. We prefer checks or bank transfers due to the lower fee structure. If you are paying directly with a credit card, the shipping address needs to be the same as the billing address. Exceptions are granted to repeat customers whom we have established a level of trust with.

Depending on the item and transaction economics, we may be able to offer a layaway program. A non-refundable deposit of 10% will apply but of course will be applied to the balance due. Please inquire.

All items are sold "as is". There are no warranties of fitness or merchantability, express or implied, which extend beyond the description contained in the face thereof. This agreement shall be construed and governed by the laws of the State of Colorado.

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