Services Provided

In addition to providing an extensive online catalog of classic / vintage fly fishing tackle for sale, we offer many other services, including:

Consignment Sales
If you have fishing tackle items you would like to sell but would rather have someone else go through the time and effort needed to maximize selling prices, we can provide this service for you. Please read our Consignments page for further details. Please contact us with any questions you may have.

Estate Sales

If you have a collection of fishing tackle, or individual items you are looking to sell from an estate, we can offer you an immediate lump sum payment for the collection or, alternatively, we can sell the items for you via a consignment arrangement. If you would like us to help, please contact us.

Estate Planning Services
We offer an estate planning service designed for cataloging and appraising your collection as well as providing a plan in the event of unexpected liquidation needs. All information shared will be strictly confidential. We will send you a schedule you can prepare that details each item in your tackle collection as well as condition ratings. We will then appraise the collection for you and provide a finalized attachment that can be included in your will. This attachment will provide details to your family and/or loved ones, outlining steps in liquidating your collection items for what they are worth, either in a consignment situation or via an outright purchase of the collection based on the value estimates given. There are far too many people out there who prey on unsuspecting widows and family members in an estate sale scenario. Young or not so young, everyone should have this system in place because we never know when a cow moose and her calf is on the other side of that willow patch on the way to the next fishing hole. I speak from experience in this regard. That could have easily been "the end" for me.

Finding a Certain Item for You

If you've looked long and hard for a certain item with no luck, let us tap into our network to help you with your search. We have developed a database that connects buyer purchase requests with available items from sellers. This is an unprecedented benefit not found elsewhere. This area of our business has been growing rapidly, that of assisting buyers who have desires for specific tackle items. In the future, we will have a page on our website where you can enter the details of the items you are looking for. This will be fed into our database as it develops. In the meantime, simply emailing or calling us to get on this list will suffice. This "broker" like service does not cost as much as a typical consignment scenario because in many cases, when we know and trust the seller, it can be a two party transaction between buyer and seller without us getting involved in taking delivery of the rod, providing our own photographs, etc. However, the key for this brokerage system to work is that we qualify the seller ahead of time and hold the money until the buyer inspection/return period has lapsed and the buyer is satisfied with the purchase. All sellers we deal with in this manner are fully aware of our standard buyer satisfaction guarantee.

If you are looking to trade, let us know. If it benefits both parties, we are always excited to barter.

Layaway Payment Program
If you need up to 90 days to pay for an item you simply can't live without, contact us for our layaway payment plan details. A non-refundable deposit of 10% will apply but of course will be applied to the balance due.

Repair Services
If something you own is in need of repair, someone in our network in the classic tackle industry will be able to assist more than likely. Contact us for relevant references.

We can be reached here and will respond promptly to your questions or requests for more information.