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Julius Vom Hofe trout reels from my collection (stay tuned!)
Norm MacDonald trout reels from my collection (stay tuned!)
Billy Pate Bonefish A/R Black/Gold RHW (coming soon)
Billy Pate Tarpon A/R All Black LHW (coming soon)
Seamaster MKII Unmarked w/ box (coming soon)
Per Brandin 8'2 2/2 4wt Ferruled Quad (coming soon)
Douglas Duck Perfectionist 7 1/2" 2/2 5wt (coming soon)
Jeff Wagner 7'3 2/2 4/5wt (coming soon)
Paul H. Young 8 1/2' Parabolic 17 Deluxe made in 1951 (coming soon)
Paul H. Young 8 1/2' 15F made in 1949 for Paul Young Jr. (coming soon)
F.E. Thomas Browntone Special 8' 2/2 (coming soon)
F.E. Thomas Special 8 1/2' 3/2 (coming soon)
Pinky Gillum 8' 3pc 6wt w/ T&T Refinish (coming soon)
Pinky Gillum 8 1/2' 2pc 6wt (coming soon)
Everett Garrison Model 212 8' 2/2 (coming soon)
R.L. Winston 8' 3/2 4wt mint (coming soon)

William Mills & Sons Fishing Tackle Catalogs (Store Copies) -- Late 1800's & Early 1900's (coming soon)
Collection of 13 Polly Rosborough Flies with Letters (coming soon)
John Betts Fly Collection (coming soon)