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Markdown Alert: MegoffAri 't Hart
Dingley Perfect 3" (coming soon)
Winston Vintage / Siskiyou 5/6 (coming soon)
Hardy LRH (coming soon)
Hardy LRH Multiplier w/ spare spool (coming soon)
Hardy Flyweight Silent Check made for A&F (coming soon)
Ross RR 3 (coming soon)
Ross RR 3.5 (coming soon)
JW Young 3 1/8" w/ red agate (coming soon)
Ross San Miguel 3 w/spare spool (coming soon)
Dr. Paul Hermann Baby Trout (coming soon)
Hardy Wide Drum Perfect 3 1/4" (coming soon)
Hardy Perfect Taupo 3 7/8" (coming soon)
Hardy Perfect 2 7/8" 1950s (coming soon)
Hardy Perfect 3 1/8" 1905 check (coming soon)
Hardy Perfect 3 5/8" MKII 1940s (coming soon)
Hardy Birmingham 2 1/4" (coming soon)
Hardy Birmingham 2 3/4" (coming soon) 
Hardy Brass/Ebonite 5" (coming soon)
Hardy Featherweight w/ spare spool (coming soon)
Hardy Princess w/ spare spool (coming soon)
Ari 't Hart S1 (coming soon)
Ari 't Hart S2 (coming soon)
Billy Pate Salmon DD (coming soon)
Billy Pate Tarpon AR (coming soon)
Billy Pate Marlin  AR (coming soon)
Sage/Hardy 506 (coming soon)
Sage/Hardy 509 (coming soon)
Bogdan 50 RHW (coming soon) 
McVickar Bushkill (coming soon)
Streamfly 3 1/2" w/ spare spool (coming soon)
David Edel Perfection 3" (coming soon)
Ingvar Nilsson Trout (coming soon)
Hardy Perfect 4" Dup MKII (coming soon)
Bogdan Trout (coming soon)
Charlton 8600A RHW w/ Ed Rice signature (coming soon)
Bogdan Anniversary Trout Set (sold)
Hodge & Sons / Siskiyou Micro-Disc 5/6 (sold)
Pflueger 1592 - LHW w/ dual line guides (added 6/13)
Chris Henshaw 4" Salmon/Steelhead (added 6/13)
Bellinger 3 1/2" Light Salmon (added 6/13)
Bellinger 4 1/2" Spey (added 6/13)
Hardy St. George 3" Limited Edition Reproduction (added 6/13)
Hardy Featherweight (sold)
Hardy Golden Featherweight spare spools (added 6/13)
Hardy Zenith - First Model (sold)
Hardy St. John - Jimmy Smith Spitfire (sold)
Hardy 3" St. George w/ spare spool (added 6/13)
Hardy Perfect 3 3/8" (added 6/13)
Hardy St. John w/ spare spool (added 6/13)
Orvis CFO III made by Abel (added 6/13)
Orvis CFO III made by Abel (sold)
Orvis CFO 123 Limited Edition (sold)
Orvis CFO III Screwback (added 6/13)
Orvis CFO III Gold Limited Edition (added 6/13)
Hardy Bougle Centenary MKV 3 1/4" (sold)
Hardy Perfect 3 7/8" with agate line guide (added 6/8)
Hardy Perfect 3 1/8" with agate line guide (added 6/8)
Hardy Brass Face Perfect 1902 Reproduction Set - 3 Trout Sizes (added 6/8)
Bogdan 50 RHW (added 6/8)
Paul Hermann Salmon RHW - mint (added 6/4)
Maurice Noel TD150 RHW (sold)
Sage 700 Series Reels -- Models 705 / 707 / 709 / 711 (added 6/2)
Thompson 100 with spare spool (sold)
Thompson 500 (sold)
Bogdan No. 1 All Black LHW (sold)
Charlton 8550C w/ Tarpon Spool - RHW (added 5/30)
AL Walker Salmon Model 100 size 2/0 (added 5/30)
Peerless No. 1 (added 5/26)
Chris Henshaw 3" Wide Drum Perfect (sold)
Edward Vom Hofe Model 355 Peerless size 1 (added 5/26)
Hardy Perfect 4 1/4" 1960s w/ Line Guide (sold)
Hardy Marquis 7 (sold)
Bogdan 0 LHW - mint (added 5/22)
Bogdan 00 LHW with spare spool (added 5/22)
Bogdan 150 LHW - mint (sold)
Julius Vom Hofe Raised Square Pillar Size 3 (added 5/22)
Orvis CFO I (added 5/22)

Markdown Alert: Dana Gray
Everett Garrison Model 206E 7'6 2/2 (coming soon)
Mario Wojnicki 262F6 8'7 6wt Hex (coming soon)
Marty Karstetter 7'6 3/2 4-5wt (coming soon - on hold)
Jim Reams 8'6 2/2 5wt (coming soon)
Jim Reams 8' 2/2 5wt (coming soon)
Jim Reams 7'6 2/2 4-5wt (coming soon) 
Per Brandin 835-3 DF (sold)
Lyle Dickerson 761510 RB (coming soon)
Sweetgrass Penta 8' 2/2 5wt (coming soon)
Vince Cummings "Elf" (coming soon)
Walt Carpenter Browntone 7'3 2/2 4wt (added 6/14)
Bob Summers Model 856 (added 6/14)
Per Brandin Quad 764-2 DF "Special" w/ staggered ferrule (coming soon)
Leonard Model 40H (coming soon)
J. Mooney Adirondack 7' 4wt (coming soon)
Orvis Far and Fine Madison 7'6 5wt (coming soon)
HL Leonard Model 37H 6'6 3-4wt (coming soon)
Wright & McGill Granger Victory Model 9053 (coming soon)
Paul H. Young Para 17 - PHY 1955 (added 6/10)
Phillipson Powr Pakt 8'6 5-6wt (added 6/10)
Orvis Battenkill 9' 7-8wt (added 6/10)
Leonard Model 51 Tournament pre-fire (added 6/10)
Pezon et Michel Parabolic Royale 6'10 5wt (added 6/10)
Dave Kenney 7'6 4-5wt (sold)
Larry Kenney Glass 8'3 4wt (added 6/8)
Paul H. Young Midge - Summers era (sold)
Homer Jennings 7'9 3/2 4-5wt (sold)
Winston 8' - 1945 Lew Stoner (sold)
Doug Daniel 8'3 4wt Quad (added 6/2)
Pezon et Michel Prima Competition 8'6 5-6wt (added 6/2)
Pezon et Michel PPP Colorado Type Pate 7'7 5-6wt
Jim Hidy 8'4 2/2 4wt - new (added 5/27)
Homer Jennings 7'9 3/2 5wt (added 5/27)
Pezon et Michel Sterling Normale 7'2 4wt (sold)
Leonard Catskill Model 36 7'6 4wt (sold)
Scott Rod Co. / Ramanauskas 7'10 5wt (sold)
Winston Leetle Feller 7' 3wt #6989 (added 5/27)
Parker-Hawes F2 8'6 (sold)
Pezon et Michel PPP Power Plus Type Creusevaut 8'3 6-7wt (sold)
Edwards Quadrate #43 8' 5-6wt (sold)
Leonard Model 51 Tournament 9' pre-fire (added 5/27)
Phillipson Dry Fly Special 8'6 6wt (added 5/27)
Dave Norling 7'6 2/2 5wt (sold)
Marty Karstetter 8'3 2/2 4wt (sold)
Marty Karstetter 8'6 2/2 5wt (sold)
Gary Howells 8'6 5wt (added 5/26)
Per Brandin Quad Model 763-2 DF (sold)
Winston 9'6 - 1945 Lew Stoner (added 5/23)
Walter Brunner Traun 7'6 6wt (sold)
Dana Gray Carlson Four 7' 4wt mint - paper on grip (added 5/23)
Ferd Claudio 8'6 5wt Model 855B (added 5/23)

Hardy Neroda No. 2 Fly Box (sold)
Hardy Selvyt Reel Bags - 3 1/2" to 4 1/2" wide drum sizes (coming soon)
William Mills Catalog from 1890! (coming soon)
Michael Stidham Prints (coming soon)
Lyle Dickerson landing nets - small and large (coming soon)
Dick Talleur Salmon Flies (coming soon)
Gary Howells Trout Fly Boxes (coming soon)
Gary Howells Steelhead Fly Boxes (coming soon)
API Spartan vise (coming soon)
Dyna King vise - small (coming soon)
Dyne King vise - large (coming soon)
Billy Pate Tarpon Flies in Presentation Wooden Case (more available soon)
Extensive library of collectible angling-related books