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Bauer - M5 Fly Reel (added 4/30)
Saracione Reel Set (added 4/3)
Abel No.1 #500  
JVH Ebonite-Ribbed - many sizes (coming soon)
JVH / Abbey & Imbrie N/S Ebonite - size 3 (coming soon)

Recently Discounted  Bob Summers Model 735
Hardy Palakona Marvel 7 1/2' 3/2 3wt (coming soon)
Orvis Impregnated 6' One-Piece (coming soon)
Payne Model 201 (coming soon)
Marc Aroner 7' 3/2 4wt Hunt Pattern DF added 
Leonard Duracane 7 1/2' 5wt (coming soon)
Orvis Madison Impregnated 7' 5wt (coming soon)
Wright McGill Granger Aristrocrat 9'3 5-6wt (
coming soon)
H.L. Leonard Model 37 (coming soon)
Pinky Gillum 8' 3pc 6wt w/ T&T Refinish (coming soon)
Pinky Gillum 8 1/2' 2pc 6wt (coming soon)
Everett Garrison Model 212 8' 2/2 (coming soon)
Orvis Battenkill 8' 3/2 5wt 
Charlie Jenkins
Chico-era Walton Powell Graphite 8 1/2' 

Ari 't Hart Design Travel Streamside Kit - rare with serial number (recently reduced)
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