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Markdown Alert: Ari 't Hart
Hardy Perfect 3 1/8" pre-WWII (coming soon)
Peerless 2 (coming soon)
Peerless 6 (coming soon)
Hardy Perfect 3 3/8" pre-WWII (coming soon)
Winston Perfect 3 3/8" (coming soon)
Very early Bogdan Prototype Salmon Reel (coming soon)
Hardy 3 1/8" Brass Face Perfect *super rare* (coming soon)
Hardy St. George Spitfire Reproduction 3" (coming soon)
Hardy Zenith (coming soon)
Hardy Golden St. Aidan (coming soon)
Dingley Wm Mills Horseshoe Latch 3" (coming soon)
Dingley Westley Richards Horseshoe Latch 3" (coming soon)
Sievert Dual Mode 200 - mint (coming soon)
Fenwick Class 6 - mint (coming soon)
Seamaster Tarpon (coming soon)
Rogue Steelhead 3 7/8" (coming soon)
Bo Mohlin 4" Anti-Reverse (coming soon)
Bo Mohlin 4" Direct Drive (coming soon)
Catino Bonefish (coming soon)
Catino Tarpon (coming soon)
McNeese Billfish 4 1/2" (coming soon)
Ole Jorgensen Condor 3 5/8" (coming soon)
Charlton Mako 9700B RHW w/ spare spool (coming soon)
Felton Harrison "Los Roques" (coming soon)
Godfrey 3 15/16" Salmon w/ spare spool - RHW (coming soon)
Hardy Birmingham Half-Ebonite 5" (coming soon)
ATH F1 Traun (added 8/14)
Bogdan Steelhead w/ Palming Plate (added 8/11)
ATH Ari II (sold)
Bogdan Steelhead w/ Solid Front Plate (added 8/9)
Bogdan Large Trout (added 8/9)
Hardy Ocean Prince One (added 8/9)
ATH F2 Rio Orbigo (sold)
ATH F3 Lake Taupo (sold)
Chris Henshaw 4" Brass Face Perfect (sold)
Bogdan Trout (added 8/7)
Bogdan Trout All Black (added 8/7)
Ross San Miguel 1 (added 8/7)
Ross Vision 1 (added 8/7)
Bellinger MKI 2 3/4" (added 8/7)
ATH F4 Deschutes (added 8/6)
Edward Vom Hofe Model 355 Peerless size 3 1/2 (added 8/5)
Bogdan Baby Wide Trout (added 8/5)
Meek 44 Third Model #3399 (added 8/5)
Charlton 8450C with all spools - Mint (added 8/5)
Hardy Perfect 3 1/8" Eunuch MKI (added 8/5)
Hardy Perfect 3 5/8" (added 8/5)
Richard Bradley 2 1/4" (added 8/5)
Bellinger MKI 2 3/4" (sold)
Adams 2 3/4" (added 8/5)
Hardy Featherweight (sold)
ATH Gallatin 2
(added 8/5)
Aaron 7-8 (added 8/5)
Hardy Golden Prince 5/6 (added 8/5)
Hardy Flyweight (sold)
Hardy Ocean Prince Two (added 8/4)
Hardy St. George 3" (sold)
Maurice Noel Model 500TD Single Action - LHW (sold)
Otto Zwarg Model 300 Saguenay size 2/0 (added 7/27)
Winston "Vintage" 1/2 Boxed Set with Spare Spool (added 7/27)
Winston "Vintage" 5/6 Boxed Set with Spare Spool (added 7/27)
Orvis 1874 Reproduction w/ Walnut Box (added 7/27)
Leonard Mills Model 50A (added 7/27)
Siskiyou Design 3 1/2" 6/7wt (sold)
Aaron 4-5 (sold)
Saracione Salmon Deluxe 3 1/4" Wide Drum RHW (added 7/26)
Maurice Noel Model 400TD Multiplier - LHW (sold)
Saracione Salmo Deluxe 4" "Thompson" LHW (sold)
Hardy Spitfire Perfect 3 7/8" (sold)
Saracione Original Deluxe Model 2 3/4" (sold)
Saracione / Tom Morgan size 2 3/4" (sold)
Saracione / Tom Morgan size 3" (sold)
Saracione / Tom Morgan size 3 1/4" (added 7/19)
Bogdan Baby Narrow Trout - mint (added 7/18)
Saracione Inks No. 2 (sold)
Saracione Inks No. 1 (added 7/18)
ATH F1 Traun (sold)
Ross RR 3.5 (added 7/18)
Ross San Miguel 3 w/ spare spool (sold)
Hardy LRH Multiplier w/ spare spool (sold)
Hardy Featherweight Multiplier (sold)
Bo Mohlin Tiny Trout - Mint (sold)

Markdown Alert: Reams, Wojnicki, Carpenter
Walt Carpenter Browntone 7'6 2/2 5wt (coming soon)
Hardy Graphite Smuggler 8'2 7pc 6wt (coming soon)
Hardy Graphite Smuggler 7' 6pc 5wt (coming soon)
Vince Cummings SuperLite 8' 6pc 5-6wt - one of a kind (sold)
Vince Cummings Elf 6' 1pc made for Arnold Gingrich (sold)
Vince Cummings Superlite 6' 2pc 3wt (coming soon)
Vince Cummings Boron/Graphite rods - many special rods (coming soon)
HL Leonard Models 38-4, 50 1/2, 51HW (coming soon)
Walt Carpenter spinning rod (coming soon)
Payne spinning rods (coming soon)
Edwards Quadrate spinning rods (coming soon) 
HL Leonard Model 40H (coming soon)
J. Mooney Adirondack 7' 4wt (coming soon)
Orvis Far and Fine Madison 7'6 5wt (coming soon)
Paul H. Young Prosperity 7'6 2/2 5wt (added 8/11)
HL Leonard Green Wrap Duracane 8' 2/2 5-6wt
(added 8/11)
Jim Frank 7'6 6wt (added 8/8)
Ted Simroe Rodon Boron/Graphite 7'6 3wt (added 8/8)
Per Brandin Model 764-2 P -- Paul Young Perfectionist (added 8/7)
South Creek Ltd. St. Vrain Special 7'6 5wt (sold)
HL Leonard Model 51HW Tournament 9' 3/2 6wt (added 8/7)
FE Thomas Special 8' 2/2 5wt (sold)
Bob Summers Midge Deluxe 6'4 4wt (added 8/6)
Bob Summers Midge Deluxe 5'6 4-5wt (added 8/6)
Bob Summers Model 275 (added 8/6)
HL Leonard Model 40-6 - Mint (added 8/5)
Paul Young Midge from 1954 (added 8/5)
John Pickard - PHY Martha Marie 7'6 2/2 6wt (added 8/5)
Orvis Wes Jordan 7'6 5wt w/ Leather Tube (added 8/5)
Bob Lancaster Boulder River 8' 4pc 5-6wt (sold)
Jeff Pope 8' 5wt Payne 102 (added 8/5)
Orvis 99 8'6 6wt (added 8/5)
Gary Lacey - WMG Granger Registered 6'6 3wt (sold)
Winston 8' 2/1 4-5wt - SF era (added 8/5)
Winston 8'6 2/2 5-6wt - SF era (added 8/5)
Bob Summers Model 827 (sold)
John Pickard - Dickerson 8014 Guide 8' 2/2 6wt (sold)
Bob Summers Model 856 (sold)
Marty Karstetter 8' 3/2 5wt (sold)
Payne Model 101 (sold)
Payne Model 209 (added 8/2)
HL Leonard Model 35 Catskill - pre-fire (added 8/2)
HL Leonard Model 39 (added 8/2)
HL Leonard Model 50-6 (added 8/2)
Marty Karstetter 8'6 2/2 5wt (sold)
HL Leonard Model 4099 - 8' 3/2 5wt (added 7/27) 
Everett Garrison Model 206E (sold)
Mario Wojnicki Model 240GF - 7'10 2/2 4wt Penta (sold)
Winston 8' 2/2 5wt - Al Wilson's Personal Bamboo Rod (sold)
Alan Kube 7'9 5wt 4pc Whitehead Travel Taper (added 7/21)
Sage LL 389-4 (added 7/20)

Poul Jorgensen Framed Fly with Photo (sold)
Polly Rosborough Fly Collection (coming soon)
Lee Wulff Framed Streamer from Nick Lyons' Collection (coming soon)
Lee Wulff Framed Wulff with Photo (sold)
Harry Lemire - Framed Salmon Fly
Ari 't Hart Reel Seat (sold)
Hardy Selvyt Reel Bags - 3 1/2" to 4 1/2" wide drum sizes (coming soon)
William Mills Catalog from 1890! (coming soon)
Michael Stidham Prints (coming soon)
Lyle Dickerson landing nets - small and large (coming soon)
Dick Talleur Salmon Flies (coming soon)
Gary Howells Trout Fly Boxes (coming soon)
Gary Howells Steelhead Fly Boxes (coming soon)
API Spartan vise (coming soon)
Dyna King vise - small (coming soon)
Dyne King vise - large (coming soon)
Billy Pate Tarpon Flies in Presentation Wooden Case (more available soon)
Extensive library of collectible angling-related books