As many of you know, the classic fishing tackle universe, online or otherwise, can at times be tricky to navigate. Some of the more unscrupulous sellers out there engage in the following practices:

  • Selling fakes
  • Selling rods or reels that have had major repairs in the past, yet the seller discloses the items as "original with no prior repairs"
  • Selling reels or other tackle equipment with hidden cracks or faults that only the most trained eyes can see
  • Selling equipment on eBay with descriptions lacking sufficient detail, such as "superb condition throughout". Upon the potential buyers asking detailed questions, these sellers respond with very vague reassurances as to the "superb condition" without answering the detailed questions or providing clear photos. Buyers end up with a reel or other tackle item that has numerous faults the seller failed to disclose. Returning the item costs the buyer money and sometimes is a royal pain in the neck.
  • Outright lying during the eBay/Paypal dispute process, saying things such as "Buyer must have cracked the rim on the reel when it was in his possession". Getting a full refund through eBay/Paypal is not entirely guaranteed.

We will describe our items in very meticulous detail. We will also take extremely detailed and crisp photos of all items. We post many more photos for our items than most in the online selling universe. If an item has been repaired we will absolutely disclose this as well as giving you details of the repair and even who did the repair.

And if there is ever a problem you run into upon receiving an item you buy from us, please email or call us and we will promptly respond and resolve the situation to your satisfaction one way or another. Every seller makes mistakes at times but our goal is to gain and keep your trust by being honest up front and honoring our return policy on the back end.

Thanks for your business and your trust!

ps. In keeping with the theme of this page, yes I keep brook trout occasionally : )