Craig Lynch Collection - Gary Howells Ephemera and more......

The below items come from the collection of Craig Lynch, Pacific Northwest angler and historian, and close friends with the late rodmaker Gary Howells.

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  1. Fly Fisherman magazine, Volumes #1 and #2. Glenn Brackett's old Spokane address on mailing labels.
  2. Rod and Reel magazine. Issue #5. November/December 1979. Tom Morgan's copy. "Boron" by Silvio Calabi (p.14) and "The Price of a Payne" by Lee Wulff (p. 68).
  3. Fly Fisherman magazine. Volume 5 #3. "The Garrison Rod" by Hoagy Carmichael and "The Bamboo Renaissance" by Don Zahner.
  4. Craig Lynch's Walt Carpenter file. Two important handwritten letters to Gary Howells with very interesting historical notes regarding Walt's transition from Leonard to his own business, and the equipment he used from the F.E. Thomas Rod Co. Letter from Walt to Craig Lynch regarding the wait time for a new rod. "A Tour of the Payne Shop - 1975" by Walt. Approximately 10 price lists / rod lists / used tackle lists.
  5. Norm Thompson Angler's Guide. Features rods by Hardy, the Thomas "4", Leonard, Orvis, Winston, Charles Ritz as well as Tarantino glass rods and much more.
  6. Approximately 8 Howells' items including price list, customer letter, rod photos, B&W photo of Gary in Winston shop, color photo of Gary on one of his last days of fishing, unfolded seat/grip photo, 'mayfly' tube label, and last but not least a VERY rare business card showing Gary's name (custom built fluted hollow bamboo rods) and the Winston rod company address.
  7. Three magazines with three different address. i) The Flyfisher -- Volume XI / Number IV 1978 -- R.L. Winston Co. Twin Bridges, MT, ii) Trout -- Winter 1973 Vol 14 No. 1 -- Glenn K. Brackett's Spokane address, iii) Trout -- Volume 17 No. 3 Summer 1976 -- R.L. Winston Co. 475 Third St. San Francisco.
  8. Craig Lynch's Dr. Gerald Stein Folder. 1 letter from Dr. Stein to Craig Lynch. 2 letters from Dr. Stein to Gary Howells. Dr. Stein's list of Dickerson and other rods for sale, circulated after the Dickerson book was published. Copy of Stein's article in the Fall 1991 edition of American Fly Fisher, "The Bamboo Fly Rods and Reels Fishermen Love."
  9. Two excellent letters to Gary Howells, one from Stephanie Zimbalist (the actor's wife) on impossible to find "Royal Order of the Stone Fly" stationery. Members of this small organization included some fantastic fishermen, including Jack Hemingway, Ernie Schwiebert, Andre Puyans, Bonnie & Rene Harrop, David Inks, Pat and Bub Lilly, and many more, listed on the stationery. The other letter from Jack Dennis concerning his book and wanting to buy/display rods in his new Jackson fly shop.
  10. Letter from Gary Howells to Tom Morgan date August 3, 1977. Topics include nickel silver ferrules and Howells' sources of info at that time, together with a letter from Precision Tube Co. to Gary with a quote for hundreds of feet of NS tubing.
  11. Scientific Anglers sixth annual trophy fish pamphlet from 1964-65. Photos of fishermen and huge fish. Gary Howells, Glenn Brackett, Karl Mausser, Hal Janssen, Stu Apte, Harry Lemire, Russ Chatham, Al Pflueger, Jr. and many more.
  12. 5" x 8" small notepad containing hundreds of fly orders, tied by Gary Howells and sold to Staley Springs Lodge where Howells worked in the early 1960s.
  13. Two letters from Aldridge Williams of "Sporting Book Service" in New Jersey with interesting information on books that Howells wished to acquire and/or sell.
  14. 19 Polly Rosborough flies in a box labeled in Howells' handwriting "Polly Rosborough 1960" from Howells' personal collection.
  15. Numerous letters between Howells and Ted Trueblood between 1956 - 1958. Some are original letters and some are copies. Two are in Field & Stream envelopes. Most of these letters were published in the Limited Edition of Joe Beelart's Vol. 2 "The Letters of Gary H. Howells".
  16. [SOLD] Pen and ink letter from Roderick Haig-Brown to Gary Howells dated 24 December, 1965. Discusses arrival of his new rod, his opinions of various lines, GHH's #20 on a fly, and more. With envelope. Also included is a high quality map from the Derrydale Press edition of The Western Angler. 
  17. Miscellaneous Howells items: i) Mailing label, ii) old envelope - white, iii) newer envelope - yellow, iv) rod tube label with mayfly art, v) Howells shop letterhead, vi) 1991-1992 rod/price list with new rods noted, vii) 9" x 11" black background photo showing reel seat, grip options, viii) "Dear Fly Fisherman" letter to customers from Howells.
  18. 2 numbered GHH rod tube labels, later Mayfly design by Hal Janssen. 1 Winston S.F. shop letterhead.
  19. Fly Fisherman magazine - December 1972 / January 1973. Contains feature article on Pete Schwab and the well-known full page photograph of Pete in the Winston shop testing one of the Leetle Feller rods that he helped design. Also included are four 5x7" color photos of his flies and Martin Keane's appraisal of two of Pete's Winston bamboo rods.
  20. Sunset Line catalog 1978. Contains 5 pages of laid-in handwritten notes and typed correspondence from Hal Janssen (Sunset Sales Manager) to Tom Morgan (Winston Rod Co.)
  21. Contents from Gary Howell's fishing vest, including fishing licenses, tools, leader wallet, pocket scale, bug net, and more.
  22. [SOLD] Three Wheatley boxes full of Gary Howells' personal steelhead flies. 
  23. [SOLD] Fly box full of Gary Howells' personal dry flies for trout.
  24. Winston Rod Co. catalogs from 1994 and 1996 in pristine condition.