Vintage Fly Tackle is the premier place to buy and sell high-quality classic fly fishing tackle. Our main goal has been to provide buyers and sellers with an unmatched online platform to exchange the finest classic tackle in the history of fly-fishing. We have established a trusted worldwide reputation and will continue to provide top-notch customer satisfaction levels for years to come.


Why Should You Consign Your Gear with Vintage Fly Tackle?
We specialize in high-end classic fishing tackle. For sellers, Vintage Fly Tackle has consistently outperformed any other selling venue in maximizing the amount of money that ends up in our sellers' pockets. We can provide example after example, comparing consignment results through VFT as compared to other selling options. We consistently yield higher selling prices than all of our competition, which makes our consignment commission a pittance in comparison to the other selling options available.

Another huge differentiator compared to others serving this specialized market is that this is our full-time job! The majority of the consignment dealers have other full-time jobs and are offering consignment services "on the side". We are dedicated to working for our consignors 100% of the time -- 24 x 7 if we aren't fishing or sleeping! This makes a very substantial difference in the volume of consignments we are able to process, the focus we are able to provide to each item, and the attention given to potential buyers, answering each detailed question they may have before committing to a purchase.

How have we established this reputation? Most importantly, the pre-eminent collectors and users of fine tackle around the world have come to realize a few key facts:

  1. VFT consistently has access to the finest classic equipment that hits the market.

  2. VFT treats buyers and sellers fairly in our dealings.

  3. Items purchased from VFT do not disappoint; buyers can rely on our detailed description and photographs of each item. We also offer an unmatched return policy.

  4. VFT has proven its ability to source specific items for buyers based on its worldwide network of contacts.

The VFT Consignment Process
The process begins with an email or phone call. We discuss your consignment items and goals you may have, including price desires, timing constraints, etc. Once an understanding is achieved, you then mail your item(s) to our location (for larger collections we can arrange for pickup at your location), we inspect the item(s), take many quality photographs for our buyers, and occasionally invest some time in giving the item(s) a routine cleaning. If necessary, certain repair services are also available. We then list the item(s) on our website. When an item sells, we pack the item carefully and mail the item to the buyer, fully insured of course. When our standard three-day buyer inspection period lapses and we determine the buyer of the item is fully satisfied with his or her purchase, we process payment for your net proceeds.

All consignments in our possession at any time are fully insured via our business insurance policy.

What is VFT’s Consignment Fee?

Our standard consignment fee is 20%. We typically do not accept individual consignments with an estimated retail value less than $200. Our standard consignment fee for books is now 50%. We ask for exclusive rights to market your consignment items for a minimum of 120 days.

Compared to our competition, the differences in what we provide can be staggering. First and foremost, we have proven our ability to sell items for higher values, which makes our commission fee a moot point. Many other differences exist as well. Some dealers of fishing tackle ask for a minimum commission fee. Some will not negotiate their fees based on larger collections. Some routinely charge restocking fees, thereby limiting the buying audience for your tackle items. We will work our tails off to win your business and provide excellent results, so please contact us for additional details or to get started with a mutually beneficial relationship with Vintage Fly Tackle.

For more detail on our processes, policies, value proposition, and more, please check out our page, “Services Provided” and our article titled “Options for Sellers of Fishing Tackle”.