Perfection Fly Reel Co.

Started in 2005, The Perfection Fly Reel Company has one employee, Fred Balling, a vintage fly reel enthusiast, angler and one-time antiques dealer.  He develops designs based largely on vintage models of Edward and Julius vom Hofe and others who have evolved to be the most important practitioners of the craft.

Examples are analyzed in-depth, then each part is drawn and specified in terms of materials and process. Eventually a working partner is enlisted to turn out the parts under Balling's direct mentoring and hectoring, a process some call "forensic engineering".  Finally, the parts are finished and assembled by hand and the completed reels are endurance tested.

The original Perfection Fly Reels were hand-machined by the late Joe Jancuiras in two styles, an ebonite Edward vom Hofe 360 ("Perfection") and a rare aluminum raised pillar 360, both with the charismatic adjustable drag. When Jancuiras became unable to continue, another partner in Connecticut was selected to manufacture both a Restigouche (Salmon) and simple click drag Peerless.

Most of the reels manufactured before 2010 were sold via the Orvis catalog or used as exemplary store props by Bass Pro Shops. The total output of the company has been slightly over 100 reels.

Looking back over the entire history of fly reel building in America, Balling came to the realization that never was there a reel building enterprise that fared well under a partnership scenario. In response to that insight, he now fully controls the means of production of Perfection Fly Reels and participates in and supervises all shop work.

Most recently, the small 2 3/8" Fairy fly reel, originated by HL Leonard and made by Julius vom Hofe, was re-issued as a Perfection Fly Reel, and it has proven to be the finest product to date. Under the new business structure, the mechanical work was done by a right-fit contract machinist.

Currently under development is a 4/5 weight version of another vintage immortal, built of nuclear grade nickel silver alloy, titanium, native deer antler, phosphor bronze, and ceramic bearings.

Stay tuned for more details and new model availability here at Vintage Fly Tackle!