Farlow's Reels For Sale

Farlow's of London has a long history, dating back to the mid-1800's, but not well documented heretofore. They produced many of their own fishing tackle items, notably cane rods, but also fine reels with equivalent aesthetics and fishing ability to that of Hardy Bros. and its predecessors, such as David Slater and PD Malloch. Prior to the death of Charles Fitzroy Farlow and his son in 1944, Farlow's produced the vast majority of their catalogued leaded aluminum reels at their Croydon facility. Subsequent to this, the catalogued reels were supplied primarily by JW Young & Sons.

If you come across any Farlow's reels made pre-WWII (Farlow's maker stamp, Holdfast logo, and a serial number on the reel foot) that are for sale, please contact me.

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