Gillum, H.S. (Pinky) -- 9 1/2' Salmon Rod

For sale here is a Harold S. "Pinky" Gillum 9'6" 3/2 salmon fly rod. Serial no. I-662. Excellent- original condition. The rod exhibits light overall wear from years of use. There is minor bag-burn and other marks to the varnish throughout most of the rod. One of the guide wraps on mid section is beginning to fray (2nd guide up from the ferrule). All sections are full length with a set in one of the tips. 

The rod features a rich, dark pumpkin toned varnish finish with brown silks and gold tipping (white silks aged) at the female ferrules and tip-tops. The script on the rod remains as clean and bold as the day it was written. U-shaped hook-keeper. Oxidized nickel silver winding check. The reverse-half wells grip has a very shallow taper and is almost more of a cigar/Garrison-style. The cork is soiled and slightly ridged though it is free of any major defect. The up-locking reel seat over an African mahogany spacer could stand to be cleaned but remains in fine condition void of major scratches or dents save a minor scratch on the backside of the spacer. The rod includes the original 3 3/4" removable fighting butt and the brass butt cap for when it is not in use. The fighting butt appears to have been used very little and remains in excellent condition. The Halstead ferrules are size 19/64 and 12/64. The rod weighs 7.95 oz. without the fighting butt and 9.40 oz. with. 

Includes what is likely the original bag and the original tube with label partially intact.