The Silent Partner

Dear Friends of Vintage Fly Tackle,


I never intended to be anything other than the silent partner. 


Since day one, I remained behind the scenes, behind the camera, and behind the million little activities that kept this business running. Gary was always the forefront of this operation. He was your mentor and your friend in a community with such a profound regard for not only classic and and high end tackle, but for everything that fly fishing represented. 


However, the time has come where I can no longer stay silent and keep the truth from a community that Gary loved and respected so much. Gary has now become the silent partner of Vintage Fly Tackle. 


Not even five months ago, Gary was diagnosed with Glioblastoma Multiform, grade 4. The most aggressive form of brain cancer with the most lethal survival rate. He passed away Sunday, November 4th. 


For the past three months, as Gary's cognitive ability has declined, I have assumed his position. Matt Marlar, whom you may have known has been with VFT since 2014 has been instrumental in VFT's success since joining the company 4 years ago. Matt's mentorship under Gary with regard to rods and reels has ensured that all those quirky little details about the inventory will continue and you, as customers, should not feel unsure with any purchase or product. Matt's integrity and genuine passion for VFT is rare and something Gary was always very proud to have on his team. Matt and Gary have always had a connection, like brothers, and I am grateful Matt will continue by my side with VFT. 


Gary was a private person, to a fault. And I know he'll be upset with me for sharing the following statement with all of you, but, it says everything.. 


The day Gary was diagnosed, he said to me, "I don't want the business to die if I die." 


As I promised him that day, I promise all of you, Vintage Fly Tackle will not die. It will not be sold. It will not be changed. 

I will not compromise the integrity, the quality, or passion that Gary had for this business. I will continue to support this community that has been so amazing to Gary and that provided him the ability to build his dream and "work" every day for the past 8 years. I hope you will continue to support VFT now and in the future. I hope your confidence in me will continue as it did with Gary. 


In this most difficult time in my life, I want to thank you for your compassion and respect. I have always been so proud to call Gary my husband, and I know he is proud to call each one of you a friend. 


Please continue to communicate and do not hesitate to ask questions or share stories or whatever is on your mind.. Just send it to my email this time:


I look forward to getting to know all of you, although I feel as if I already know so many..