Estate Planning Considerations

I am now offering an "estate planning package" designed for cataloging and appraising your collection as well as providing a plan in the event of unexpected liquidation needs. All information shared will be strictly confidential. I will send you a schedule you can prepare that details each item in your tackle collection as well as condition rating. I will then appraise the collection for you and provide a finalized attachment that can be included in your will. This attachment will provide details to your family and/or loved ones, outlining steps in liquidating your collection items for what they are worth, either in a consignment situation or via an outright purchase of the collection based on the value estimates given. There are far too many people out there who prey on unsuspecting widows and family members in an estate sale scenario. Young or not so young, everyone should have this system in place because one never knows when a moose may be on the other side of that willow patch. I speak from experience in this regard. That could have easily been "the end" for me.

Please contact me if you are interested in pursuing this.

And read here for a recent experience I had related to this subject.