Vintage Fly Tackle and Fly Fishing Conservation Organizations

To all of the fly-fishing related conservation groups/organizations out there doing such a noble job protecting our waters and our angling pursuits:

Vintage Fly Tackle is here to help you. How many times have you received a very generous donation from one of your members or the public at-large and have been sadly disappointed with the ultimate monetary results of liquidating said donation for the benefit of your organization's cause? We can all appreciate the long-standing traditions of selling donated items via local banquets, auctions and other selling means. I'm not suggesting doing away with any of these traditions, I am simply offering an alternative. I've recently started helping certain organizations around the US sell their donated items, and as part of my meager contribution to these various causes, all of which have extreme merit, I am offering to forego my consignment fee in such cases.

Here's a recent example:

Dr. Paul Hermann has been a keen and dedicated salmon fisherman for most of his life. He has always cared deeply about his home waters in the wonderful state of Maine, whether it's been the Atlantic Salmon habitat or the native Brook Trout habitat. Paul has been very involved in many conservation groups over the years and has first-hand experience donating some of his own bench-made reels to some of these organizations from time to time. Over the years, he has often witnessed many very valuable donated items not bring their full monetary potential to the conservation groups that desperately need it. Because of this, he recently asked me if I could help the Downeast Salmon Federation (DSF).

Paul educated me about the DSF and its aim to make progress toward increasing state, federal and non-governmental investment in the Dennys, East Machias, Machias, Pleasant and Narraguagus river salmon restoration programs. DSF's mission statement is "To conserve wild Atlantic salmon and salmon habitat, restore a viable sports fishery and protect other important river, scenic, recreational and ecological resources in eastern Maine." Paul kindly requested my assistance in helping the DSF sell a couple of recently donated items, both of which are highly sought after in the increasingly worldwide marketplace Vintage Fly Tackle continues to serve. I am highly confident that by doing this, their organization will potentially increase its ultimate net results by over a thousand dollars compared to historical returns. If Vintage Fly Tackle can end up contributing to these wonderful causes in this way, it's a win-win situation for everyone.

Please spread the word and inform the leaders of your local conservation organizations of this service Vintage Fly Tackle is more than willing to offer. Contact me with any questions or opportunities that may arise.

With due respect,
Gary Siemer
Owner - Vintage Fly Tackle